Trending Baby Names in Pakistan

Meaning In English and Urdu

The birth of a baby is a big milestone for any household. To make this milestone everlasting, people usually pick a trending name for their baby which depicts some sort of history, popularity with the trending times or just personal preferences. At other times, a couple would want their baby’s name to be unique.

For a name to be unique, the couple must then delve into trending baby names that are common to our households in Pakistan. Equipped with this information on trending baby names, the couple can safely choose which name to give their baby. The couple can then avoid the most commonly used names and choose one that represents uniqueness.

Apart from uniqueness, the parents can look for some sense of attachment to existing common names. For this again, the parents shall look towards trending baby names that can be acceptable to the family. Commonality sometimes takes preference as we live in a society with strong family culture. To appease everyone, the trending baby names that are in vogue are usually selected.

Another aspect that is prevalent in Pakistan when looking at trending baby names is that of the religious aspect. Religion is a part and parcel of life. It is a complete way of life that transcends even to set the name of babies. Hence, we can see a lot of Islamic origin names in the trending baby names prevalent in Pakistan.

A recent trend in setting names has seen a shift to choosing shorter names. This has seen the growing popularity of four-letter names. This allows ease and comfort for the family as it is easier to pronounce shorter names. Moreover, this also allows ease in communication with outsiders as the kid grows.

The trending baby names even in Pakistan hold a lot of diversity. They can be based on parents’ favorite tv show characters, star players of some sport or a famous personality in general. Sometimes these trending baby names make a retro trip down memory lane. Names from two-three decades back are adopted as a result.

Another reason for the importance of setting a baby’s name is the notion that a baby’s name has some sort of effect on their personality in later life. Keeping view of this and to appease the family at large, the parents must see the trending baby names and choose accordingly.

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