The First Responsibility of Parents Towards Their Babies

Meaning In English and Urdu

It is also the first experience of the parents, so they try to find out an amazing name with great full meanings as well.It’s not an easy duty of course to select the name of someone for the whole life but selection of a perfect name values a lot, but their aim should be a  selection of  unique names for the baby which is not an easy task but could be easy with the interest.

It is not ended here,it is beginning from here.It is a little more exciting for parents to find the perfect names for their first baby,because they know that the name they will give to their baby will be the first impression of their child.

They will choose different names and think which one will suit their baby and they will try to pick up a good one.

It can be quite easy for the parents when they know that their first child will be a baby boy or girl ,so they just need to find out for boy/girl names.


Does the name affect the personality ?

Name is the real identity of everyone and it definitely can affect your personality whether in a good way or a bad way.

These commonalities in our expectations affect us based on how we feel our name.The way others treat us based on their expectations regarding our name also affects us as we will unconsciously try to live up to these expectations in a type of self-fulfilling prophecy.

If someone’s name sounds unique , funny  or comedic to others,so unappealing or bad nicknames can soon develop which can affect the mind  and can discourage, which can be dangerous for the child.

Opposite of it if someone’s name sounds good, attractive, impressive or perfect, it will build confidence in yourself and will source full your personality.

Moral is that the selection of child names is most important because it will not just for some days but will  affect the whole life.


How to consider before naming a baby ?

In this time, where the name is all that is known, people with common first names fare better than those with unique ones.

Having a popular name is quite possible and easy to listen but the major issue is that not everyone can pronounce it correctly so keep the name short so it can be  quite easy for everyone to pronounce.

Many times parents named their children as the person they loved or maybe their ideal and actress/actor’s name or the name they really liked and wanted that name as their child’s name and many more personalities.

Parents can create a meaningful name on their own, if the father name is Ali and mother name is Aliyah so their child name can be Aliyan.

Same as  you can create your child’s name by your own but keep sure that the name should be attractive and which has meanings.






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