Popular Turkish Girl Names in Pakistan

Meaning In English and Urdu

Are you a fan of the Turkish language? If yes, then you might be obsessed with Turkish names too. Also, you’re not the only person who is fanatic about Turkish girl’s names because people who are into this language associate themselves with it in every manner.

We all know that the Turkish language is a mixture of many different styles, which includes Urdu too. This fact makes almost all the Pakistanis feel familiar with this language. There’s only a difference of pronunciation whereas the meaning of the word remains the same in Urdu as well as Turkish.

People in Pakistan are now also exposed to Turkish dramas that are being watched regularly. Mostly girls are the ones who sit in front of the television and obsess over their accent and names. Although it sounds good when these serials dominate one’s mind, it becomes tough to keep track of such language in the current time. However, this increased exposure is leading Pakistanis to choose Turkish names for their girls.

  • Asli
  • Asuman
  • Aylin
  • Basak
  • Berna
  • Canan
  • Damla
  • Dilay
  • Ece
  • Ekin
  • Emel
  • Esen
  • Kiraz
  • Lale
  • Nuray

It is the effects of Turkish soaps and dramas that are presenting Turkish culture and influencing Pakistani homes. There’s no doubt that the content offered by the Turkish entertainment industry has gained a vast viewership in Pakistan and this is the chief reason why popular Turkish girl names in Pakistan are being heard these days.

One of the very first Turkish dramas that aired in Pakistan was Ishq-e-Mamnoon with the main leads named Behlul and Bihtar. However, these words do not have some significant meanings in the Urdu language, but only because of the Turkish influence and the excellent sound of it Pakistani people are naming their babies on these names.

Mostly, Turkish girl’s names in Pakistan are usually extracted from Turkish Drama Industry because this is how local people learn these names. Other than this, very few people who are residents of Turkey with Pakistani nationality name their girls by Turkish names.

A study was conducted, and the result obtained from it proved that the Turkish dubbed dramas that are being aired on Pakistani channels are significantly affecting and influencing the regular lifestyle at Pakistan homes especially among the females.

Most of the people also choose Turkish names for their babies because they want unique names that are rare and not overused in society. Therefore, the search of unique names leads them to Turkish words that are then used for girl’s names.

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