Popular Turkish Boy Names in Pakistan

Meaning In English and Urdu

These days’ people are fond of trying new things and embracing new cultures. In Pakistan, people like to bring together variable heritages and cultures in their day to day lives. They like traditions, cuisines and customs from various Arabian and Muslim countries. Religion has great impact on the common names given to newborns in a community or country. For many years in Pakistan, Arabic names are chosen and admired for babies by Pakistani parents. But nowadays not only Arabic but Turkish baby names are also popular and preferred by most people.

Television has become very essential element of life in the Pakistani people. Television shows and dramas have also immense influences in the daily practices of its audience. One reason behind giving Turkish names to babies is that people in Pakistan have been watching and following Turkish dramas and seasons for a few years. And they have eventually started to adore not only their names but also their culture and lifestyles.

Turkey is mainly an Islamic country and its entire norms and traditions are typically based on the Islamic values and teachings. Turkish baby names are appealing and unique to deliver; hence newborns are given these names in Pakistan. Turkish parents often also ask a religious teacher about the authenticity of the name before naming their babies and to check its meaning with reference to Quran.

Turkish baby names are unique because Turkish parents prefer naming their babies from names that belong to Islamic Turkish origin rather than trying new names from around the world. Some Pakistani parents also give their newborns Turkish names because they are inspired by the physical attractiveness and kind nature of Turkish people. In various cities of Pakistan cultural exhibitions are conducted from time to time where Turkish tradition and culture is one of the most well-liked and admired one. Pakistanis are also very fond of Turkish food and cuisine.

Turkish and Urdu might not seem similar in speaking but there are many terms and words that are quite alike in phonetics. A range of Turkish names given to babies in Pakistan have often similar spellings and meanings in both Urdu and Turkish. Despite the fact that Pakistani parents like to give their babies Turkish names, some of them are not keen on knowing the meaning of names and simply pick those names thinking that if it is a Turkish name it will be of Islamic origin.

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