Popular Pakistani Celebrity Baby Names for Girls

Meaning In English and Urdu

What makes you name your baby Anya, Aliya, Amal or Faraal Popular Pakistani Celebrity Baby Names for Girls? Now the point is celebrities often gave their babies a unique name that makes their identity linked to their parents. In 2020, even now Pakistani Celebrities have started naming their kids with unique Arabic names some of which we haven’t heard before. Choosing a distinct name for your newborn baby girl from the list of hundreds of thousands is a fun thing, especially if you have creativity within you. But, at the same time, you needed to be more cautious with it, because the given name left a long-lasting impact on your child’s personality and life.

Impact of Celebrity Babies Names

On the other hand, it has been observed that celebrities do not follow certain rules that are usually followed by everyone else out there while naming their kids. And, why is so? The reason could be they wanted their kids to either spot out unique in many ways among other kids or they want themselves to be associated in such a way that gives them a plus advantage. Likewise, when people named their kids after the celebrity baby name it is because either they like it or they are one of the favorite fans of the parents’ celebrity baby.

Just have a look at Fiza Ali named her cute daughter Faraal, which means strength and power, perhaps she wanted her daughter to be powerful in terms of her possession and strong enough to combat with the life. Meanwhile, ordinary people tend to give their kids names like Hina, Maria or Eilia. But, for a celebrity, they give their kids a name that becomes their unique identity a kinship. In fact, some celebrities do not want their kids to be either appeared on 100 unique celebrity baby names list before just to keep it associated with them.

Here are some of the distinct reasons why they choose to do so.


It is true that celebrities whether they are Pakistani or Hollywood or from Bollywood, they tend to do things that grab the attention of media and fans to become limelight.


An old fallacy that a celebrity and fashion could never go in two different directions and so as the search of a newsmaker, which always looks for salt and pepper kind limelight making it as its identity.

Quick identification

The most significant one is quick identification. As highlighted earlier, the celebrity always wanted to make their kids’ identification unique and associated in some of the ways to them.


So, when you are on a boat of deciding a name for your daughter always look for the meaning and its impact later on kid’s life.


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