Popular Baby Names In Pakistan

Meaning In English and Urdu

A ‘Popular baby name’ becomes popular because of the fact that a person with the particular name, in the past, had done something extraordinary, exceptional and out of the box. Because of these reasons, the name gains popularity in the country. Another reason for the popularity of a child name can be, the connotation attached to the popular baby name. There are some names which are pleasant to hear and others, powerful because of their connotation. Astrology also plays a vital and indispensable role in the popularity of a child’s name. There are people in the world who believe in the horoscopes and astrology. They believe that naming the infant in accordance with their zodiac sign might bring luck and happiness in the life of the infant.

Babies are what form the “New Generation”. Whenever a baby is born in a family, firstly, this is in itself a source of happiness for the entire family. Secondly, one of the most important side of having a newborn is, that we have to select a name for him/her. Newborn’s grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunty select the name for the baby but mainly it is the responsibility of both the parents to select a suitable name. Now, choosing the name for the baby depends on two things:

  1. The information which is fed in the mind of the selector of the name. Because whatever the person knows, he will choose the name according to that.
  2. Which name the family finds more fascinating and inspiring for the child. It can be resembled to biblical names, Quranic names, names of the political leaders, historical emperors, celebrities or it can also include any family member which is successful in their own field and overall, their life.

We must also acknowledge the fact that one name cannot be dominant for an eternity. It can be dominant and prominent for only a limited tenure and then it falls. Afterwards, another name takes its place and rules the world. Another fact that must be acknowledged is, that one famous child name which is dominant in a specific era, sounds to be old-fashioned and unusual in the next era. One more reality is, that some parents use their child’s name as a source of signaling mechanism for their political party or any other valued commodity. In conclusion, famous child names are temporarily famous.

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