Famous Arabic Boy Names In Pakistan

Meaning In English and Urdu

The birth of a son is a really joyous occasion for any parent. Not only does it provide the family with a cute little addition to their roaster it also grants them the extraordinary privilege to bestow a name upon such an adorable critter. However, this opportunity also represents a very grave responsibility. For as you see a naming someone is not such an easy task, and thus should not be considered as such.

A name is the very essence of an individual. It is the word that defines his very being and helps him to imagine himself; sticking to him like an unbreakable adhesive from this life to his/her death. Even after death, as faith leads one to believe, their name would be still regarded as the basis of their identity.

Below are some of the considerations a parent should ponder upon before deciding upon a good Arabic boy name for their baby.

Religious Names:

Since we are the followers of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it’s mandatory for us to bless our sons with names which clearly reflect our, and his future, religious belief. The Religious Names granted must be in line with our religious norms.

A good name with a lot of Islamic history associated with it helps to ensure the child’s future contact with his religion and enables him to take pride in the Muslim tradition.

Unique Arabic Names:

A parent always wishes for something special for his or her child. What’s better than a unique name which would be able to make him stand out from the common folks.

An uncommon moniker bestows upon their wielder with an uncanny sense of individualism; enabling them to not be swept away by the encroaching waves of ineptness and opaqueness.

Meaning Of Arabic Names:

A name with a favorable meaning always has more appeal than one with a bland meaning. A good definition of a name allows the parent to grant their son with a sort of good luck charm. This category can also be utilized to confer upon the child some of their expectations or wishes for his future success.

Cultural significance:

A name can also be used to associate the child with the culture he was blessed to be born in to. This ensures that there’s a strong bond between the kid and his culture from the very cradle; equipping him with love and reverence for it.

Different culture holds different virtues in prestige, some might hold the quality of undue piety in high esteem while others might greatly lavish the tendency to express courage. All of these dispositions are highlighted by the names common in their society.

Modern Arabic Names:

The onslaught of time has made many names obsolete in nature; passing many casualties that are somehow still clinging to the memory of the good old days. Although by gone baby names have a sense of quaintness within them, they, for the most part, are forgotten relics.

It is thus important for a parent to allow their son to carry a modish and socially approved name. Such a name would not only help them do feel more welcome but would also ensure they are able to keep up with the times.

Celebrities Names:

Every normal person has one or two celebrities he looks up to or is extremely fond of. Thus the idea of naming one’s child with a name shared by their idle seems extremely appealing to many.

By doing this a parent tries to incorporate a few qualities of the respective personality, he or she looks up to, into their son.

Western Arabic Boy Names:

There are many parents who wish to imitate some aspects of western culture, while still remaining within the periphery of Arabic tradition. Although this could prove a hard and peculiar endeavor, the subsequent dividends could be many. From having their son accepted in predominantly western society, if the parent live in such, to further allowing them to taste the claim of the world being a global village firsthand.

This can be achieved by finding the rabic equivalents of Biblical names, such as Mikail for Micheal. Or using names which are shared by both cultures like the name Zayn or Zane

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